For world pride, we created a twitter controlled pride flag to act as a social barometer that measures sentiment towards the community, giving supporters the direct opportunity to combat hate and change the landscape.
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Awards/recognition: AToMic (CSR: Bronze), Marketing Awards (Bronze, Public Service Out-of-Home/Ambient), Clio Shortlist, The One Show (Merit), ADCC (Merit), Communication Arts, Applied Arts (Winner: Out Of Home SIngle), ACT Responsible Tributes.

Got a little surprised and pulled into a news segment (that was much longer than expected), but I think I did okay.

Newspaper and TSA - While the pride flag represents just that, pride, and today is a beacon of hope and celebration, a flag at half mast symbolizes the opposite. Combining these two visuals seems almost contradictory, but what's most unsettling is that it speaks a truth many don't want to acknowledge. Winner of a National Advertising Award.

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